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If you're based in the US and need to update your payment method, please contact Shopgate support.

Accept credit cards and PayPal payments in the USA, UK, and Germany with SagePay.

To connect your SagePay account at Shopgate, you will need the following credentials and configuration details.

Account Info Description
Vendor Name The Vendor Name you use to log in to your SagePay account.
Transaction type

This can be found at Terminal → Advanced on your account page. Enter the same transaction type in your Shopgate settings.

Supported credit card types

If SagePay is set up to accept credit card payments, supported credit card types are needed. You can find this information under Settings → Pay Methods.


Set up SagePay

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Settings → Payment.
  2. Find the "Add payment method" section and start typing "SagePay". From the list, select SagePay Credit card if you want to configure your SagePay to accept credit cards, or SagePay PayPal if you want to configure your SagePay to accept PayPal payments.
  3. Enter your SagePay account information in the pop-up window.
  4. If you use SagePay to accept credit card payments, you will also need to select types of credit cards that are accepted with your SagePay account. Select the credit card types that are configured in your SagePay account. Your account information will be validated automatically.

  5. Add a valid IP address to your SagePay account. Due to security reasons, SagePay only allows API requests from IP addresses that are whitelisted. Please follow the steps below to allow your SagePay to be connected to Shopgate.

    • Go to Settings → Valid IPs.
    • Click on Add to add the IP with the subnet mask to the allowed addresses.

SagePay is now successfully set up as your payment provider.


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