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Setting up Google Play Developer Console account and transferring your existing app

All merchants who wish to publish an Android app are required to register for a Google Play Developer account.

We strongly recommend that you follow the entire process outlined below very closely. An incomplete setup could result in the removal of your app from the Google Play Store. To get a hard copy of this article to take notes on, download and print a PDF copy here.

In this article, we will walk you through the process to register and set up a Google Play Developer account.

  1. Why do I need a Google Play Developer account?
  2. Register and Setup Google Play Developer account
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do I need a Google Play Developer Console account?

In compliance with Google's distribution agreement, all merchants who wish to publish an Android app are required to register for a Google Play Developer account under their own company name.

If your Android app is currently not published under your name or your company name, it must be transferred to your own Google Play Developer account by following the steps below.


2. Register and Setup Google Play Developer Console account

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Step 1: Create a Google account using an existing email address associated with your company.

We recommend using an email address that multiple people in the company can access, such as your support or info email.
    1. If your existing company email is already a Gmail account, skip ahead to step 2.
    2. If your existing company email is non-Gmail, or if you don't have a company email address, go to this page to Create your Google Account.
    3. Enter your company email in the field "Your email address" and fill out the form.


      Google will send important actions or decisions regarding your app to this email. Please make sure to check this inbox regularly.
    4. Go through the verification process. You will get a code via email or phone to verify your account. Additional help can be found on Google Account Help.

Step 2: Apply for a Google Play Developer Console account.

Once your new Google account is verified, open the Google Play Developer Console to finish the registration.

  1. Sign in with your Google account.
  2. Complete your account details.
    Your developer name, email address, and website will be displayed on the Google Play Store page of your app.
    • Public developer name
      Please enter your company name. This is displayed as the name of the publisher.
    • Secondary contact email address
      Please enter your support email so Google can reach you. This is not publicly displayed
    • Contact phone number
      Include the + symbol, country code, and area code. Google should be able to contact you at this number if any problems come up with your app. This is not publicly displayed
  3. Read and agree to the Developer agreement and Terms of Service. Click Create account and pay.
  4. Pay the $25 USD non-recurring registration fee for your account with your credit card.

When your registration is verified, you'll be notified at the email address associated with your Google Play Developer Console. It normally happens within half an hour, but may take up to 48 hours.

Once you have an account at Google Play Developer Console, make sure to enter a physical address.

  1. In your Google Play Developer Console, open the Settings drop-down menu.
  2. Open the Developer account drop-down menu
  3. Click on Developer page, enter a valid physical address where Google or users can contqact you. 
  4. Click SAVE on the bottom right.

company_address.pngStep 3: Invite Shopgate as a "Administrator."

Your Shopgate App team works hard on releasing your Android app to the Google Play Store. In order for our team members to do their job, please invite Shopgate as your "Administrator."
  1. In your Google Play Developer Console, click on Users and permissions.
  2. Click the Invite new user button.
  3. On the "Invite user" screen, enter in the Email address field.
  4. Select the Account permissions tab and select Admin (all permissions)
    We need this for creating and updating your app.
  5. Click the Invite user button.

After the invitation is sent, the Shopgate App team will receive an email and accept the invitation shortly.


Step 4: Grant API access (Service Account).

Shopgate uses an Automated App Service to update your app regularly. In order to do so, the Shopgate technology needs access to your Google Play Developer API.

  1. In your Google Play Developer Console, go to SettingsDeveloper account
  2. Select API access and click the Choose a project to link. Read and agree to the Terms of Service in the pop-up window. If you don't see the button on the API access page, skip ahead to point 3.
  3. The "API Access" page will open. Please be aware that this page could take a few minutes to load.
  4. In the Service accounts section click Create new service account. This will open a pop-up.
  5. Click Google Cloud Platform in the pop-up. This will open a new tab in your browser.
  6. Click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT at the top of the page and enter the following in the next window that opens:
    • Service account details: Enter sg-service-account and click CREATE.
      This will automatically populate the "Service account" field.
    • Grant this service account access to the project: Select Currently used → Owner in the Select a role drop-down menu. Click DONE.
  7. Select the 3 dot-menu on the right side of the page under Actions.3dot.png
  8. Select Create key. Ensure that JSON has been selected and click CREATE. If necessary agree to allow downloads from Google Cloud Platform.
  9. Switch back to the pop-up you left open at step 5. Now click Done.
  10. Under Service accounts → Email click Grant access. A new window will open, click the Invite user button. In the pop-up click Send invitation.

Step 5: Enter Information at Shopgate

As soon as you have finished steps 1 to 4, please enter your Google Play Developer account information and upload the JSON file (downloaded in the previous step) to Shopgate.

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin.
  2. Navigate to SettingsNative Apps → Google Play Developer Account.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Developer Name
      The company name entered in your Developer Profile in step 2.
    • Email Address
      Google Account created in step 1.
    • Transaction ID
      Your Transaction ID is available on your Google account at Also referred to as the Google Order number, this Transaction ID is emailed to you from Google Payments right after the $25 registration fee is paid. A Transaction ID is typically in one of the following formats:
      • 01234567890123456789.token.0123456789012345
      • 0.G.123456789012345
      • registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
      • 01234567890123456789.registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
  4. Upload the JSON file "Google Play Android Developer-XXXXXXXXXX.json" which was downloaded in the previous step.
  5. Click Confirm Setup to confirm that you have finished everything outlined above.


That's it! Now you have finished setting up your Google Play Developer account! We will transfer your Android app within a few days. You will get an email confirmation from Google once this process is complete.

For more information on Google Play Developer account, please visit Google's Developer Console Help. For more questions about the overall enrollment process, please contact us at



3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3.1 Should I use my existing Google Play Developer account?

In order to publish your app, Shopgate will need to be invited as an Administrator with "Global" permission in your Google Play Developer account. If you're concerned about Shopgate having access to your other apps on this account, please register a new Google Play Developer account.

Keep in mind that a "developer name" (the company name in this case) can only be used once in the Developer Profile. When applying for a second Google account, you could try to add a dash or space in your company name.


3.2 Should I create a separate Google account for my Android app with Shopgate?

In general, it is not recommended to use a personal Google account to connect to your Google Play Developer Console. If your existing Google account is associated with your Google Play Developer Console, and you're concerned about Shopgate having access to the other apps in this console, you should create a separate Google account.   

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