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Optimize your app with measurement and analysis tools.

Google Analytics for mobile apps

Measure acquisition and engagement of your app users via an SDK optimized for your Shopgate app. By setting up the Google Analytics SDK, you can track valuable app data such as app installs, app download sources, push notification campaigns, deep links, and more. Please note that this feature requires a membership with the Apple Developer Program and a Google Play Developer account.

Getting started

To get started, please create a property in Google Analytics and link it to your Shopgate Admin.

Step 1: Create a property

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to Admin.
  2. Select your account. If you don't have one, click the drop-down under "Account," then select Create new account.
  3. Create a property for your app by clicking the drop-down under "Property" and selecting Create new property.


Step 2: Get a Tracking ID for this property

On the New Property screen:

  • Select Website for this property.
  • Provide a Website Name. Use the name of your app.
  • Provide a Website URL. Use your company URL.

When you're done, click Get Tracking ID. The Tracking ID for this property will be displayed on the next screen.


Step 3: Create a view

  1. Click the back icon to go back to the Admin page.
  2. In the View column, select Create new view from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Mobile app.
  4. Provide a Reporting View Name.
  5. Click Create View.


Step 4: Enter the Tracking ID at Shopgate

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin. Click Settings from the menu bar, then select Tracking Tools.
  2. Locate Google Analytics for Mobile Apps and turn it to ON.
  3. A pop-up will open. Select a platform, paste the Google Tracking ID, and select your revenue type. Click Save.

If you use different properties to track your smartphone app and tablet app separately, repeat the steps above until all properties have been added.



That's it! You have successfully set up your Google Analytics for your mobile app.

Setting up advanced features

Enabling eCommerce tracking

eCommerce tracking is vital to most shops. Your customers' shopping and checkout behavior, your products, sales performance, and many other factors can only be tracked when eCommerce is enabled in your Google Analytics. To do so, follow the steps here:


  1. Navigate to the Property you want to track.
  2. Click eCommerce Settings on the View column.
  3. Toggle the options to ON on the next page.

For more support, please read Google's help article Set up eCommerce tracking.

Enabling app downloads/installs tracking

Your app installs on Android devices are tracked automatically. To track your iOS app installs, enable iOS campaign tracking by going to Property Settings > Enable iOS campaign tracking and turning "Enable Campaign Tracking Features" to ON.

To see the data on your app downloads or installs, go to Acquisition (left menu bar) > Sources > All. Once the campaign is clicked, you'll see data in the table at the bottom of the page.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is my revenue type?

In your Shopgate Admin, you're able to specify your revenue type as either gross or net.

Gross refers to the total revenue or grand total associated with the transaction (e.g. 11.99). This value may include shipping, tax costs, or other adjustments to total revenue that you want to include as part of your revenue calculations.

Net refers to the transaction value excluding shipping, tax costs, or any other adjustment costs. 

Can I track my smartphone app and the tablet app separately?

Absolutely! If you need to track more precisely, simply create a property for "smartphone app" and another for "tablet app" in Google Analytics. When you are done, head over to your Shopgate Admin and select the appropriate Platform for each Tracking ID (or "Google Analytics Code" in the screenshot).


To get a better understanding of the Analytics account structure, please read Google's help article The hierarchy of accounts, users, properties, and views.

Where can I see my push campaigns?

In your Google Analytics, go to Acquisition (left menu bar) > Sources > All, then click on Campaign. Scroll the page to see your past and current push campaigns listed here.

If your push campaigns are not showing here, check if a campaign name has been configured in your Shopgate Admin.


How do I track app download sources (e.g. Adwords, etc.)?

In order to provide your app download URL in ad campaign services such as Adwords or Facebook, generate the app download links by using the URL builders below:

      Google Play URL Builder                iOS Campaign Tracking URL Builder     

What are the screen names of my app and page names of my mobile website?

Below you will find the Screen/Page names you need for Google Analytics. These are the screen names on your app as well as the page URLs on your mobile website.

Screen / Page Screen / Page Name
Favorite List






Homepage index
Category category
Product page item
Imprint page/imprint
Terms & Conditions page/terms
User Change Language user_change_language
User Forgot Password user_lost_password
Login login
Register register

Connect Register

Provides a form to review user registration data after a Shopgate Connect login attempt.


External Connect

Connects a user with external service providers.


External Register

Registers a user that is connected with external login providers.


External Merge

Handles the merge of an existing local account with an external or Shopgate account.

Checkout Success Page checkout_success
Payment Success Page checkout_success
"Item not found" Page item_not_found
Items items
User Change Payment Method user_change_payment_method
User Change Address user_change_address
Payment Information Page payment_info


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