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Updating your Google Analytics screen/page names


Starting from March 7, 2017, your Shopgate app and mobile website have been using a new set of Google Analytics screen names (on the app) and page names (on the mobile website). The changes employ unified and more accurate page names, making it easier to understand how your users interact within your mobile shop.

How will it affect me?

You will see the new names displayed within the "Behavior" section in Google Analytics and Google Analytics Universal. You do not need to do anything here.

However, if you use advanced configurations such as Goals, Funnels, Content Grouping, etc., it is necessary to update the screen/page names in these configurations before the end of March 7th to avoid loss of tracking data. Here's an example of the screen/page names that need to be updated:


For more information on Google Analytics, please read this article.

How to transition smoothly

To ensure a smooth transition, please update your screen/page names by following this example below:


In this example, the screen/page name webapp/cart_show is currently used. Simply update it by adding a | without a space followed by the corresponding new name cart_show. Make sure to also switch the option "Begins with" to "Regular expression". The result for a goal should look like this:


What has been changed?

In this table, you will find all the screen/page names that have been changed. Please update them accordingly before March 7th, 2017.

If you see this:
Old Screen/Page Name
Change it to this BEFORE March 7th:
"Old name"|"New Name"
favourite_list favourite_list|favourite_list_empty
webapp/startmenu webapp/startmenu|index
webapp/category webapp/category|category
webapp/product webapp/product|item
webapp/shop_info webapp/shop_info|page/imprint
webapp/shop_terms webapp/shop_terms|page/terms
webapp/user_language webapp/user_language|user_change_language
webapp/lost_password webapp/lost_password|user_lost_password
webapp/login webapp/login|login
webapp/register webapp/register|register
webapp/connect_register webapp/connect_register|connect_register
webapp/external_connect webapp/external_connect|external_connect
webapp/external_register webapp/external_register|external_register
webapp/external_merge webapp/external_merge|external_merge
webapp/checkout_success webapp/checkout_success|checkout_success
webapp/error_item_not_found webapp/error_item_not_found|item_not_found
webapp/items_list webapp/items_list|items
webapp/select_payment webapp/select_payment|user_change_payment_method
webapp/select_address webapp/select_address|user_change_address
webapp/payment_info webapp/payment_info|payment_info



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I update the names after March 7th?

You are likely to have lost some advanced tracking data (such as Goals, Funnels, Content Grouping, etc.) from March 8 until the day the screen/page names are updated.

If you decide to update AFTER March 7th, simply change the old screen/page names to the new ones listed in this table.


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