Setting up Facebook "Install" & "Engagement" Ads

In this documentation, you will find out how to set up your Facebook Install Ads and your Facebook Engagement Ads for your Shopgate mobile shop.


Your tasks

Grant access to your Facebook App for Shopgate

  1. Navigate to and register as an admin of your Facebook App. If you have multiple apps, please choose the one that is connected with your Shopgate app.
  2. Select "Roles" on the left-hand side
  3. Select "Add Administrator" on the upper right
  4. Add the Facebook user 100012028291523 as an administrator
  5. For security reasons, you need to verify the steps by confirming your password - the added user "Ortwin Kartmann" is Shopgate's technical Manager - Done!



Grant access to Facebook Pixel

  1. Log into Facebook Business Manager and open the full navigation by selecting the menu icon on the upper left. Select the subsection "Business Manager Settings" under "Settings".
  2. Select the subsection "pixel" from the overview which then appears.

  3. Select the Facebook Pixel that is integrated into your mobile Shop. In this example, we are using the Pixel "Shopgate GmbH".
  4. Select the Button "assign partners". A new dialogue box will appear.
  5. Please enter the Business Manager ID 1028606477195930 and confirm it by selecting "Confirm" - Done!


Grant access to your Facebook Page

It may be necessary to give access to your Facebook Page as an "Analyst" or "Advertiser" so that Shopgate is able to publish the advertising in the name of your shop.


If you use the Facebook Business Manager

  1. Make sure that you are the administrator of the Business Manager in order to receive a request ("Application") in your notifications and in your Business Manager settings in "Applications".
  2. Click on "Confirm application" – Done!


If you use a single Facebook account to manage your Facebook page

  1. You will receive a request shortly that says: "Shopgate has requested permission to your site"
  2. Click on the notification to get forwarded to the "Settings" of your page and choose "Reply to the request“ to answer the request.
  3. Select "√ Grant Shopgate access to my page" to accept the request – Done!


Shopgate tasks

Request access to Facebook App

Case 1: Facebook App is already created by the shop 


Facebook App ID entered at Shopgate Admin?

What are the steps?



The shop has already set-up a Facebook App and deposit the Facebook-App ID in the Shopgate Backend.

The shop has to request access to the admin area.

The process of setting up the Facebook app is stored in the shop documentation.

As soon as the shop has added the account as admin, the Facebook app of the shop will appear in the 'Apps’ section on the accounts.

Please note down the ID of the app because it will be needed later on.



The shop has already set-up a Facebook app, but the Facebook app-ID is not stored in the Shopgate backend.

The shop is required to deposit the Facebook app-ID in the Shopgate backend. If that is the case → back to Step 1a.


Case 2:  Facebook App is not yet created by the shop 

If you haven't set up a Facebook App for your shop, Shopgate offers the service to help you do so. You only need to inform Shopgate about the Facebook account which is assigned as admin.


The app ID is needed later on. You’ll find it here


The next step is to connect the app with the Business Manager explained underneath. 

Request access to the Shop

Additionally to the access to the app, it's necessary to request access to the Facebook Page of your shop. Otherwise, there won’t be a reasonable display of the sender's advertisements.

The access to the page has to be requested after having received access to the Facebook app.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Request access to the page in the Business Manager – you can find it in the Business Manager settings under the subscription ‘Shopgate’- ( – Click on „Add New Pages“ and „Request Access to a Page“
  2. Next, you need to indicate the Facebook page from the shop.
  3. As the next step, please select the authorizations “ Page Analyst” and “ Page Advertiser“
  4. You will get a confirmation.
  5. The shop needs to accept the request like it is described in the shop documentation.


Access to the shops Facebook-Pixel

The shop is able to share his/her Facebook-Pixel with the Shopgate Business Manager. Thus, Shopgate is now able to address the user from a mobile website with installed ads.

The shop itself needs to do the process of sharing the pixel in the Business Manager. 


Enter access to Facebook App in Business Manager

In the Business Manager needs to be a link to the Facebook app from step 1.

  1. Under, select "Add new Apps” and then on “Request Access to an App”

  2. In the next window, you need to enter the ID from the app. As you are already the admin of the app, the request will automatically be confirmed.


Create an Ad Account

  1. In the Business Manager settings, under "Ad Accounts", you need to create an account for every shop.

  2. Click on 'Create a New Ad Account'
  3. … then the name of the Ad Accounts needs to be entered as “Name of the Shop [Shop-ID]"
  4. … and as a next step, all relevant Shopgate employees will be associated to the Ad Accounts.
  5. The changes will be saved. - Done!


Connect your Ad account with Facebook App

  1. Let's get back to our view “Apps” (
  2. Connect the Facebook app from the shop with the recently established Ad Account. - Done!


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