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Granting Shopgate access to your Facebook Page and Pixel

Certain ventures in advertising and marketing your app will occasionally require you to give Shopgate access to the Facebook services your business uses. This isn't meant to be an invasion of privacy or overreach--it's simply a step that we, as professional developers and analysts, need to take to make your shop live up to its sales potential. Here's some information on why this may be necessary and how you can make it an easy, painless process that preserves your privacy and saves everyone involved some time.

What you need to do:

Shopgate needs to publish advertisements on Facebook that will prompt Facebook users to download your apps. It may be necessary to give access to your Facebook Page as an "Analyst" or "Advertiser" so that we're able to do this.

Step #1: Grant access to your Facebook Page.

If you use the Facebook Business Manager:

  1. Make sure that you are the administrator of the Business Manager in order to receive a request ("Application") in your notifications and in your Business Manager settings in "Applications."
  2. Click Confirm Application.

If you use a single Facebook account to manage your Facebook page:

  1. You will receive a request that says "Shopgate has requested permission to your site."
  2. Click on the notification to get forwarded to the "Settings" of your page and choose Reply to the request to answer the request.
  3. Select Grant Shopgate access to my page to accept the request.

Step #2: Grant access to Facebook Pixel.

  1. Log into Facebook's Business Manager and open the full navigation by selecting the menu icon on the upper left. Select the subsection Business Manager Settings under "Settings."

  2. Select the subsection Pixel from the overview.


  3. Select the Facebook Pixel that is integrated into your mobile shop. In this example, we are using the Pixel "Shopgate GmbH."
  4. Select Assign Partners. A new dialogue box will appear.
  5. Please enter the Business Manager ID and confirm it by selecting Confirm.
    • For United States, please enter 1067077180058568
    • For Germany, please enter 1028606477195930 

What we'll do: 

Request access to the shop.

It's necessary for us to request access to the Facebook page of your shop. Otherwise, there won’t be a reasonable display of the sender's advertisements.

The access to the page has to be requested after having received access to the Facebook app. Here's how we do it:

  1. Request access to the page in the Business Manager – you can find it in the Business Manager settings under the subscription "Shopgate."
  2. Click Add New Pages and Request Access to a Page.
  3. Indicate the Facebook page from the shop.
  4. Select the authorizations Page Analyst and Page Advertiser.
  5. You will receive a confirmation.
  6. The shop needs to accept the request like it is described in the shop documentation.

Access the shop's Facebook Pixel.

The shop is able to share its Facebook-Pixel with the Shopgate Business Manager. Thus, Shopgate is now able to address mobile users with installed ads for your shop.

The shop itself needs to handle the process of sharing the Pixel in the Business Manager. Once you have granted Shopgate access to your Facebook Page and Pixel, put it all together with this article: Syncing all of your Facebook Business Tools.

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