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Ship orders to a DHL Packstation

Your customers can now choose to ship an order to a DHL Packstation*. In this article, we will explain the basics of this feature. 

* Currently, DHL Packstations are only available in Germany.


Who is this feature for?

The DHL Packstation is a type of shipping address that allows you to receive shipments 24/7.

It can only be used when an order is shipped via DHL in Germany.



Germany Yes
Austria No
Switzerland No
Poland No
France No
Netherland No 


How does this work?

Anyone who would like to receive a package via DHL can choose a DHL package station as the shipping address.


Your customers simply need to:

  1. Go to checkout.
  2. Create a new address.
  3. Toggle on the option "DHL Pack Station".
  4. Enter the Packstation address. 


To find a DHL Packstation or register for the service, click here. DHL will assign a Post Number to each registered customer.


How do I configure it?

To enable the "DHL Packstation" option for your customers, please contact your support personnel at We would also like to hear your feedback and requests!


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