User Segments

You can segment your mobile users on Shopgate.


What is a User Segment?

A user segment is a group of users divided in specific ways that are useful for marketing, such as age and gender.

What can I use it for?

At the moment, you can target a user segment with push notifications on your app.

Push Notifications
Other Marketing Tools ✘ (not yet available)

How can I segment my users?

You can create a user segment by defining one or more of the conditions listed here.

Registration Unregistered or Registered
Gender Female or Male
Age Define one or multiple age groups.
Device Type Android or iOS


How to create a segment

To create a segment of your mobile users, log into your Shopgate Admin, navigate to Marketing → User Segments and click Create New. A window shown below will pop up:

  1. Create your segment by adding one or multiple conditions from the left.
  2. As soon as clicked, a condition is added to the segment (middle column) and the audience (right column) is updated.
  3. Remove an active condition by clicking the "X" on the card.
  4. The Audience is the pool of users that meet ALL the conditions (logical "AND") of the segment
  5. Name your segment and click Save.
NOTE: Condition "Gender" or "Age" cannot be applied to "Unregistered" users.

That's it! Now you have created a user segment.


How to use a user segment

Now that you have created a segment of your user base, you can serve specific push notifications that are only relevant to these users.

Here is how to do so:

  1. In your Shopgate Admin, navigate to Marketing → Push Messages and click Create New.
  2. A window shown below will pop up. Configure your push notification by following the steps:
    • Enter a "message" and choose an "action" for your notification.
    • Click Segment in the section "recipient" and select one or multiple segments from the drop-down. If none of the existing segments is what you need, simply create a segment by clicking Create New Segment.
    • Select a time to send the push notification.
  3. Click Schedule for sending to save and schedule the notification.

That's it! Now you have configured a push notification targeting a segment of your mobile users.


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