Nested Category Filter

Nested Category Filter is available on Shopgate. 


What is it?

"Nested Category Filter" is an easy way to guide your customers to find and discover the right products.


Extremely useful for shops that use sophisticated levels of subcategories, the nested category filter enables customers to quickly narrow down the products within a base category using its subcategories, sub-subcategories, sub-sub-subcategories, etc. 

As one of the 8 Page Widgets, a nested category filter can be used to customize any pages on any mobile platforms.


What does it look like?

A nested category could look like this on your app and mobile website. It consists of a title, selected levels of categories (each with a drop-down selection), and a "Show Products" button.

In the graphic above, you can see the options you have to customize your filter. More details are explained in this table:

Your Options Description
Headline The title of your filter widget.

The "parent" category of the 1st level subcategory in this filter.

  • This category should contain all the products intended for this filter.
  • To apply the filter to all products, choose "Default category" (this is the root category created by the Shopgate system.)
Max. Level of nesting

The maximum levels of nested categories to be displayed.

  • You can display up to 4 levels of nested categories.
  • If a category has fewer levels of subcategories, only the available levels will be displayed.
Category Labels You can specify a label for each nested level you use. These labels will be displayed in the filter.


How do I configure it?

To configure a "Nested Category Filter" widget, log into your Shopgate Admin:

  1. Navigate to Design >  Pages. Select the page and the view you want to display this widget.

  2. From the drop down "Add a new widget", select "Nested category filter".

  3. Configure your filter on the configurations page (shown below). Save your nested category filter by clicking Save.

  4. When you are back on the Pages page, click Publish



That's it! Now you have added a "Nested category filter" to your selected page and view. 


The workflow

The workflow of a nested category filter may look like this in your app or mobile website:

  1. The customer clicks on an image banner* on the homepage or another page of your choice.
  2. The nested category filter page opens. The customer sees up to 4 levels of categories and selects a category from each dropdown.
  3. The customer clicks "Show Products". The filtered search results open on a new page.

* Since the filter itself is likely to fill up the entire page, we recommend using a banner image on the homepage and link it to a page where your nested category filter is defined.


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