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Affirm Monthly Payments

If you're based in the US and need to update your payment method, please contact Shopgate support.

Allow customers to pay off a purchase in monthly payments with Affirm Monthly Payments. In this article, you will find out how to set up Affirm Monthly Payments as a payment method for your Shopgate app and mobile website.

Please note that this is only offered in Shopgate shops in the US.

Collect information

Prepare the following information in order to set up Affirm Monthly Payments:

What you need Where to find it

Public API Key

Private API Key

In your Affirm account, navigate to API KEYS on the bottom left. Your Public API key and Private API key are displayed here.

Promo ID (optional)

Provide your Promo ID if you have one. Contact Affirm Client Success Team for further information.

Having a Promo ID allows you to display a customized monthly payment message on the Product Detail page, the Cart page, and the Checkout page. The default message looks like this:


Transaction type

Choose a transaction type to accept customer payments.

Supported credit card types

Choose the credit cards you accept with Affirm Monthly Payments.

Set up Affirm Monthly Payments

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Settings → Payment.
  2. Locate the section "Add payment method" and search for "Affirm monthly payments" in the drop-down.
  3. A pop-up will open. Configure your payment details and additional fees/discounts if necessary. Click Save.


That's it! Affirm Monthly Payments is now successfully set up as your payment provider.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my customers see the Affirm payment option?

Affirm Monthly Payments will be displayed on the Payments Page among the other available payment methods in your app and mobile website.


Your customers will also see the Affirm monthly payment message on the Product Detail page, the Cart page, and the Checkout page. Note that if you use the Affirm promo ID, you will be able to customize the message.


Default Affirm Monthly Payment message displayed on the Cart page of an iOS app.


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