Inactive User Reminder

Inactive User Reminders are available in your app.


What is it?

An Inactive User Reminder is an automated push notification that reminds people to come back to use your app again.

Who gets this message?

Anyone who has opened your app* in the past but hasn't done so in a while.

*This means the reminder will go to registered and unregistered users!

How often?

This reminder will be sent out only once per app user.

For example, if you enter the number "30", your inactive users will get the reminder 30 days after they used then abandoned the app. This particular user will get the reminder only once, even if they become inactive for 30 days again in the future.


This reminder will be sent at the delivery time you specified (in your shop's time zone).

For example, if you enter 8 PM EST, anyone who has abandoned your app for 30 days (assuming you entered 30 days) will receive the push notification at 8 PM Eastern Time that day.


How to create

To create a push reminder for inactive users, follow the steps here:

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin.
  2. Navigate to Marketing → Push Messages and click Manage Automated Push Notifications.
  3. A lightbox will open (shown below).
    • Select the event Inactive User.
    • Tell us after how many days of inactivity (days since the last app visit) should we reach out to your users with a push notification.
    • Enter a Delivery time at which the notification will be sent.
    • Choose a Destination such as a product page, a category, a custom page, adding a coupon to the user's cart, or a search query.
    • Enter your reminder message (max. 155 characters). See our best practices guide below.
    • Enable this automated reminder by turning the slider to ON.
  4. Click "Save".


That's it! Now you have created an automated Inactive User Reminder. Your app users that haven't opened your app in a while will receive a push notification reminding them to give it another try.


Best practices

Inactive User Reminders are a powerful tool to retain customers and keep them coming back. To help you make the most out of this, we have summarized the following best practices for your reference:

① Choose an "inactivity period" that works for your shop

You know your customers better than anyone else - by now, you probably have figured out how often your customers usually come back to make another purchase. Often times, this also depends on the line of products you sell. So pick a number of inactivity days that serves the purpose of a reminder, not a harassment.


② Give incentives for people to come back

In one sentence, tell people why they should come back. Are you offering a coupon or free shipping if people shop in your app again? Have you stocked better or more products? Have you changed or improved anything in your shop? Is there an app-only sales event that provides early access to the big seasonal sales?

Sometimes a little incentive can go a long way.

For more tips, see our best practices for push notifications in general. 


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