Schedule Your Widgets


Running a campaign? We've got you covered!

Sales banners, product lists, categories and more can now be scheduled to show at exactly when you want them and where you want them.  


Getting started

With the scheduling feature, you can create page widgets ahead of time. Place a widget wherever you like and schedule it to become visible whenever you want it to.


Schedule a widget

Scheduling a Shopgate widget on your app and mobile website is as easy as entering the start and end times you want your widget to show. Read the details below to learn how.

Which widget can I schedule?

You can schedule all of the Shopgate widgets except "HTML / Text Editor".

"Deal of the day" widget can be scheduled on the "Deal of the day" page. The rest can be scheduled directly inside the "Edit widget" window (see screenshot below)

How to schedule a widget?

To schedule a widget, follow the steps here:

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Design → Pages.
  2. Click on an existing widget or add a new one.
  3. A lightbox will open (shown below).
    • Configure your widget details.
    • Schedule: Turn the option ON. This will reveal the "Valid from" and "Valid to" fields.
    • Valid From & Valid To: Specify the start and end time using the time selectors.
    • Publish Now: Turn the option ON to confirm the scheduling.
  4. Click "Save".


Where can I see the status of a widget?

Once you have set a schedule for a widget, you can hover over it to see its status and the timeframe during which this particular widget is visible.

To understand the status icons displayed on the bottom left of a widget, refer to the Widget status guide to the right.


That's it! Now you have learned to schedule a widget. Start creating more campaigns & promotions on your homepage or just any page!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't my widget appear at the scheduled time?

Make sure the "Publish now" option is turned on. If this option is off, the widget will not appear at all.



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